When I read that long genealogy I usually skip...

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I always skip it.
That long list of names (over half of which I can’t pronounce),
Telling the history, and painting a picture, of the family tree of Jesus.
I never saw the point in spending more than a glance on it.
I mean, come on, why is this stuff even taking up space in the Bible?
(Just being honest).

But this past week I have frantically been trying to find proof for my heart to believe that there is somehow a place for me in God’s family.
That despite my wayward heart and destructive choices, I belong to that home filled with forgiveness and love.

So I opened up my Bible to Matthew.
With it being December I thought I would begin with the birth of Jesus.
(Original, I know).

But for the first time… I opened up the Word on my hands and knees,
Magnifying glass in hand,
Looking in every crevice and corner for hope.

So that means I read through the genealogy of Jesus.
All those names, one by one, I stumbled through, but continued on.

Then all of sudden,
In the middle of it, out of no where,
There was a name that practically jumped out and rescued my desperate soul.

Do you know Rahab?
She was the Canaanite prostitute who heroically hid Israelite spies from hostile authorities who wanted to kill them (Joshua 2).

This woman risked her life by lying to authorities.
She had heard all about the Israelite's and their God (Joshua 2:9-11).
She heard accounts of His mighty power and the many victories He had won for His people.
And like the rest of her home, she was paralyzed by fear believing they were the next land to be conquered.
But instead of cowering in fear.
Instead of staying in dread of the coming defeat.
Instead of believing there was no hope for her due to her past,
She had faith.
Such a faith that she is a prime example used in Hebrews to tell us what true faith even is! (Hebrews 11:31).
And from that faith she heroically hid those spies.
And not only was she spared, but also her family whom she had pleaded for (Joshua 6:25).
And the redemption doesn’t stop there.
She then goes on to live with, and among, the people of Israel, God’s people.
And eventually she finds herself in the midst of the lineage of Christ (Matthew 1:5).

And there, I find an open space at His table for someone like me.
My muscles relax.
I breathe in deep.
And I rest in knowing that I belong in His family.

So despite your mistakes,
Despite your hopeless state,
Despite the many times you have given yourself away to passerby's,
Despite the fear you may have that destruction is your only future,
There is in fact hope.
An overabundance of hope.
A GREAT light (Isaiah 9:2).
Shining on those dwelling and crawling in the shadowy darkness.
Just have faith.

(And maybe take some time to read through some good ‘ole genealogies).


  1. This is so beautiful, like YOU precious one! I was so blessed by this today and I know of several other women who will be as well with your permission to share it! Keep being you Sara! YOU are the only YOU there is! Stay original and faithful to our Father and yourself! This world needs YOU!!! (Yes that's an OLD picture of me... I'm the hairy Charlie now! Lol...)

    1. Aw, thank you so much Charlie! And yes, by all means please feel free to share it if you believe it would be of an encouragement to someone.


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