Life Lessons from Flowers...

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Maybe the most natural beauties in the world,
Are trying to tell us about the natural beauty of life.

The flowers.

At first thrown down harshly.
Always buried alive.
Nothing but darkness.

But those little seeds press on.
They press on and they push out.
They push up and they push ahead.
All until they break through that hell,
That small prison shell.

They stretch and they grow.
Roots getting bigger and going farther.
Spider-webbing their way through the soil.
In search of light they feel but can’t see,
Somehow still coming up empty.
Unaware that in this excruciating process,
They are growing stronger and stronger each second.

Then once all seems forever lost.
When all strength seems all but gone,
Dirt and rock crumble.
Rays of sunshine break in.
And that little seed finds the way.
Growing tall and budding forth,
Into the brightest beauty,
A beautiful flower boasting to the world.
Because the world told her she never would.

But even all tall and beautiful,
Seeing the sun and basking in its glow,
There still comes a drought or two.
Lets be honest, more like a few hundred times two.

But that flower grew deep roots in the darkest times,
All of which are now searching at the greatest depths,
To find a simple drop of water.
But even if a season comes where it’s not quite enough.
The petals fade in color and wilt to the ground.
The next season will come.
Those roots will give rise to a beautiful flower anew.

Life never stops being hard,
But your life never stops being beautifully enough.
Follow the flower.
Keep rising.


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