Welcome to the Circus...

You tell me to move on,
It’s already been a year.
You tell me to just get over it,
Another year has gone by.
I tell you, go to hell with it.
You try to move on when your mind is the world’s worst circus ring leader.
Whipping you incessantly to bring about pain,
And all the more so if you don’t perform perfectly in front of the crowd.

"Ladies and gentleman we present the perfect show girl."

Walk the high wire,
Swaying back and forth as you tip toe along.
Carrying baggage on your shoulders
With your hands tied up behind your back.
Just trying to think of a happy song.

Now, be the lion tamer.
Locked in a cage with a wild beast.
Nothing but air separating you from his ravenous teeth.
He grows silent and prowls.
He then growls and he leaps.
You then roll up in a ball and wish you could shrink.

And finally, be one of the giant elephant beasts.
Made to walk in a perfect line.
Go around in a circle or drop down to your knees.
Do as your told, no matter the pain.
Life is about showing the world you feel no shame.
Though a tiny mouse makes you leap across the ring.

People laugh, people rave, they are all entertained.
But there you are with tied hands, wounds, and skinned knees.
Made complete with a smile painted on your porcelain face.
When did life become a never-ending circus?
And how do I get out of this torturous ring?

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